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Customer Feedback & Tracking

Our regular or continuous in-market research empowers brands to diligently monitor their performance. We meticulously measure brand awareness, preference/perception, satisfaction, and product/service usage. This invaluable insight enables businesses to adapt and excel in a dynamic marketplace.


Advertising Effectiveness Research

Our expertise in advertising effectiveness research is a cornerstone of success. We forecast copy testing outcomes and meticulously track the impact of advertisements across media. Our comprehensive assessment measures an ad's prowess in conveying messages, fostering brand imagery, and motivating consumer engagement, ultimately driving product or service acquisition.


Social & Political Poll

Our nationally representative social and political polls provide a window into public sentiment. Through probing inquiries, we gauge feelings towards specific political matters – from political parties and Members of Parliament to prevailing policies. This informed understanding empowers decision-makers to align strategies with public perceptions.


Brand Equity Research

Unravelling the layers of brand perception is our forte. We delve into consumer sentiment, exploring their favourable views of the brand. We probe associations, identify key brand traits, and discern the brand's distinct promise. Comparative analysis vis-à-vis competitors and the brand's identity within the target market inform strategic directions.


Customer Engagement Research

Quantitative and qualitative studies shed light on the intricate tapestry of customer engagement. This profound comprehension of how customers interact with brands and services fuels refined strategies and cultivate enduring customer relationships.


Competitive Landscape Research & Market Validation

Our diligent competitive landscape research unveils market gaps through comprehensive secondary analysis of business rivals within specific segments. This informed perspective facilitates astute decision-making and validates market strategies


Marketing Effectiveness & Analytics

Statistical models underpin our assessment of marketing effectiveness. We measure and scrutinize outcomes, illuminating the impact of diverse marketing activities. This empirical foundation guides data-driven strategies and hones marketing efforts.


Price Elasticity Testing & Demand Estimation

Our expertise in price elasticity and demand estimation offers clarity on customer responsiveness to price fluctuations. This nuanced understanding aids businesses in gauging approximate demand levels, a critical facet of pricing strategies.


Segmentation Research

Our proficiency extends to segmentation research, where we meticulously unravel the demographic, psychographic, cultural, and behavioral characteristics of potential buyers. This intricate insight enables precision in targeting and resonating with specific audiences.

A Unique Strength of Trace Research:
Number 1 Chinese Consumer Insights in New Zealand


Trace Research is a renowned leader in delivering unparalleled insights into the behaviours and preferences of the Chinese consumer community in New Zealand. We take immense pride in our distinct expertise and trailblazing contributions to the field of Chinese immigrant research.

Our distinction begins with the establishment of the preeminent Chinese immigrant research panel in NZ. As pioneers in this endeavour, we have cultivated an expansive and engaged panel that enables us to glean invaluable direct insights from this crucial demographic.

Among our notable achievements are the pioneering surveys that have redefined understanding. Our groundbreaking 2016 survey, the Chinese Safety Perception of NZ Survey, and the consequential 2017 Chinese Immigrants Life & Work Survey for the University of Auckland have provided illuminating insights into the experiences and perspectives of Chinese immigrants.

Beyond these, our portfolio encompasses astute political and social research. We've charted new territories with the 2017 1st political opinion survey for New Zealand Asian Leaders and the perceptive 2017 WTV-Trace Chinese Poll, delving into the political inclinations and opinions within the Chinese community.

With an extensive track record of over 30 Chinese/Asian research projects conducted in New Zealand by 2023, Trace Research stands as a trusted partner. Our services encompass a holistic approach, accentuating meaningful insights that drive success in the dynamic New Zealand market.

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