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Rise in Chinese voter support for New Zealand First, survey finds

Lincoln Tan

Lincoln Tan is the New Zealand Herald’s diversity, ethnic affairs and immigration senior reporter

Three quarters of ethnic Chinese voters will cast their vote for National if an election was held tomorrow, a survey has found. But the party that is gaining the biggest rise in Chinese support is Winston Peter's New Zealand First, according to the World TV-Trace Chinese voter poll.

The study, backed by local Chinese media company World TV, claims to be the first in-depth study of New Zealand Chinese voting habits here.

Contrary to findings of the NZ General Social Survey, which found low voting rates among recent migrants, the poll found Chinese voter turnout in the 2014 General Elections was 78.5 per cent - higher than the national average of 76.8 per cent.

Dr Xin Chen, research fellow at the University of Auckland New Zealand Asia Institute, said the findings didn't surprise her.

Source: The New Zealand Herald Epaper

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